Consequences of Criminal Activity, Pleas and Convictions

Individual Immigration Assessments

Theodore Murphy specializes in providing authoritative assessments on the immigration consequences of criminal activity. This specialty is based on more than a decade as one of the government’s top immigration attorneys handling scores of criminal immigration deportation cases. Many immigration lawyers, criminal defense attorneys, and clients nationwide have sought Mr. Murphy’s advice because of his years of experience representing private individuals as well as his work on behalf of the government. He possesses extensive knowledge of all 50 state criminal codes and the federal criminal and immigration laws.

Immigration Attorney Coordination with Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are not a U.S. citizen and have been charged with a crime, you should immediately seek the advice of an immigration lawyer, as well as a criminal defense attorney. Murphy Law Firm will begin representation immediately after arrest to provide the client and criminal defense counsel with the best advice to avoid or minimize the immigration consequences of the criminal activity. Criminal defense attorneys may not be familiar with specific immigration consequences of crimes. An immigration attorney can advise you regarding the immigration consequences of being charged with a crime. An attorney can provide valuable help to the criminal defense attorney on alternative ways to eliminate or reduce those consequences.

The 2010 U.S. Supreme Court decision, Padilla v. Kentucky, held as a matter of federal law that deportation is an integral part of the penalty that may be imposed on non-citizen defendants who plead guilty to specified crimes. The importance of accurate legal advice has never been more important for the non-citizen. Criminal defense attorneys who do not provide the non-citizen client with the immigration consequences of pleading guilty to a criminal offense violate the client’s constitutional due process rights to competent counsel.

Before Traveling or Seeking Immigration Benefits

A person’s criminal activity may have a substantial negative impact on the foreign national’s ability to enter into or remain in the country. The criminal conduct may severely impact the availability of discretionary forms of relief from deportation and the ability to become an American citizen.

Individuals with criminal arrests or convictions should seek a consultation with one of Murphy Law Firm’s immigration lawyers before planning any trips into or out of the United States and before filing for benefits with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Persons with criminal histories traveling out of the country may not be permitted to re-enter when encountering Customs and Border Protection personnel at airports or land points-of-entry. Additionally, foreign nationals applying for benefits from USCIS may be arrested and detained upon arrival for interviews with district adjudication officers (DAOs).