Immigration Consultations and Case Review Consultations

Whether you are an individual or a business owner, a consultation with an immigration lawyer is necessary to determine what immigration options are available to you. Your options as an individual may include filing for a family visa, a work visa, citizenship, a green card, work authorization, consular processing, asylum, and other benefits. Your options as an employer may include business visas and representation for I-9 audits and Department of Labor audits as well as representation following worksite enforcement operations or ICE raids.

Murphy Law Firm immigration lawyers are available by phone during regular working hours. Consultations are conducted Monday, Wednesday and Friday at our West Chester, Pennsylvania location (near Philadelphia), and in our Georgetown, Delaware location. We provide same day consultations when you need an immigration attorney for deportation or removal defense. During the COVID-19 pandemic we will be conducting telephonic but no in-person consultations.

The standard fee for in-depth telephonic or in-person consultations where we provide an analysis of your case is $200.

Preliminary Case Review

Immigration lawyers or criminal defense attorneys may call on Murphy Law Firm to conduct a preliminary case review. An oral or written analysis of the immigration consequences of the criminal situation, coupled with the individual’s immigration status, will be provided. The cost for the preliminary case review depends on the complexity of the criminal case. More thorough evaluations and complete investigations include obtaining and reviewing all documents from the criminal and immigration files, providing legal research, and drafting a detailed memorandum on the likelihood of success.

You can get ready for your consultation by completing our Consultation Questionnaire before your appointment.

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