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Venezuela Granted TPS

Secretary Mayorkas today designated Venezuela for Temporary Protected Status for 18 months through September 9, 2022.  It goes into effect on March 9, 2021.  There is a 180 day registration period beginning March 9, 2021 and ending September 5, 2021.  Successful applicants must prove continuous presence since March 8, 2021.

H-1B Lottery Starts March 9

USCIS will begin accepting H-1B electronic registrations beginning March 9, 2021 from employers.  The registration period closes on March 25.  Those employers selected will be notified electronically by March 31.  This selection process will be a random draw – not based on highest wages offered.

Employers wishing to file H-1B applications on April 1, 2021 must participate in this electronic registration process.

Deportations Halted for 100 Days !

Yesterday, January 20, 2021, President Joe Biden’s Administration issued a 100 day moratorium on most deportations beginning on January 22.

A Memorandum from the Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security directed an immediate pause on deportations for persons with final orders of removal except for persons; suspected of engaging in terrorism or spying; or who were not physically present in the US before November 1, 2020; or who voluntarily waived all rights to remain in the US.


Free DACA Consultations

The Original DACA program (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) is still running and recently a federal court ordered the government to accept new first time applications.  The Murphy Law Firm, located in West Chester, Pennsylvania, has been handling DACA applications since the program began in 2012.  The firm has represented numerous families and students in Chester County and all over the mid-Atlantic region since 2008.

If any of your students are interested or think they may be eligible for DACA, the firm’s founding attorney, Mr. Murphy, and Attorney Kaley Miller-Schaeffer are offering free legal consultations to help students determine eligibility for DACA and other new programs that become available over the next several months. All they have to do is provide us with a student ID to qualify for a free consultation.

Call 610-436-7555 and ask for a DACA consultation.